Pre-Birth Agreements

In this video clip Abraham speaks about agreements we make before becoming physical.

Excerpted from a workshop in Asheville,  NC in October 2010.

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“What could be a more obvious agreement than that we will rejoin with one another in the Vortex. Isn’t that just the most logical agreement? And yet humans quite often, they want to make the agreement be about; well, let’s agree to have some tragedy for a learning experience. And we say, well, it could play out, and you could acknowledge that that was the agreement, but the real agreement, the agreement, the plan, in other words what we’re all talking about is our rendezvousing inside the Vortex. And that’s the basis of every agreement that is struck from the non-physical. It’s all about how we’re going to go into physical experience, and we’re going to mix it up in certain ways, and we’re going to come into alignment. In other words, that’s the basis, that’s the substance, that’s the beginning, middle and end of all agreements.” ~Abraham

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