Here is a wonderful list of affirmations by Louise Hay and others from Hay House. These will keep you thinking positive and feeling good! Enjoy

“Today is a delightful day. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.” – Louise L. Hay

“Every experience in life is merely a moment. Choosing to surrender acknowledges that there is always a “big picture.” I am now open to releasing the need for approval.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“Affirm to yourself: I give thanks that I now create vibrant health within my mind and body every day.” – Dr. Christiane Northrup

“Today I will remember that even the best relationships have low points. If the low point is the norm in my current relationship, I may have to consider if I want it to continue. If the low point is temporary, I will practice understanding. I know that I will achieve clarity and make the right decision.” – Melody Beattie

“The moment I decide to change my life, I awaken the power to transform the impossible into the possible. I am what my heart chooses.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“I am disciplined, and I focus on my top priorities; therefore, I am successful.” – John F. Demartini

“I am a master at setting boundaries that protect my time, energy, creativity, and emotional well-being.” – Cheryl Richardson

“God, help me let go of my need to be afraid. I welcome peace, trust, acceptance, and safety into my life. I will make a point of listening to my healthy, rational fears, and will relinquish all the others.” – Melody Beattie

“Wherever it is that I work, I am deeply appreciated and well compensated.” – Louise L. Hay

“The prime rule of reality is that we must become in our lives what we choose to experience in the world. “ – Gregg Braden

“Today I share my abundance with someone who needs a gift of kindness.” – Cheryl Richardson

“True health begins with your thoughts. Thinking about comfort, strength, flexibility, and youthfulness attracts those qualities into your life and body.” – Dr. Christiane Northrup

“Today I will practice healthy giving, understanding that caretaking and compulsive giving don’t work. I choose what I want to give, to whom, when, and how much. It takes time to learn how to give in healthy ways. It takes time to learn to receive. Balance will come.” – Melody Beattie

“By embracing pain, fear, and challenges with gratitude, I discover the real value and meaning of my life. I am so grateful to be alive.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“You build your state of health every day through your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Your cells believe every word you say!” – Dr. Christiane Northrup

“If you would only change your consciousness, your thinking, to allow the abundance of the Universe to flow through your experience, you could have all the things you think the lottery could bring you. And you’d be able to keep them, for they would be yours by right of consciousness. Affirming, declaring, deserving, and allowing are the steps to demonstrating riches far greater that you could ever…” – Louise L. Hay

“This moment is sacred. I am now ready, willing, and able to embrace my inner child. All is well. “ – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“As I celebrate and support the financial success of others, I open my life to even more good.” – Cheryl Richardson

“Today I will let go of my need for approval and my need to be liked. Instead, I will choose to like and approve of myself. The people who count (including me) will respect me when I’m true to who I really am.” – Melody Beattie

“I have free will, a choice with every experience. Today I choose to own my power.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“I’m on the road to financial freedom by living well within my means and saving money for a bright and secure future.” – Cheryl Richardson

“I know that I cannot take responsibility for other people. We are all under the law of our own consciousness.” – Louise L. Hay

“Today I will realize that being myself and letting others be themselves is far more important than being “right.” Value and worth are not dependent on being right, and I’m striving for love in my relationships, not superiority. I won’t hide behind being right, but will just let myself be who I am.” – Melody Beattie

“The more I practice owning my power, the better I am at moving with the flow of life.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“Today, I open my heart, keep my eyes open, and do what I can to help others.” – John F. Demartini

“I now resolve to listen closely to that still, wise, strong voice within me that always guides me toward health and joy.” – Dr. Christiane Northrup

“I cannot change another person. I let others be who they are, and I simply love who I am.” – Louise L. Hay

“The first step to healing is to take responsibility for my life. I do not get to choose what happens to me; however, I do have the ability to choose how I respond.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“I honor my time and energy by making smart choices that leave me feeling good about myself.” – Cheryl Richardson

“Thoughts are an important part of your inner wisdom-and they are very powerful. A thought held long enough and repeated often enough becomes a belief. A belief then becomes your biology. Beliefs are energetic forces that create the physical basis for your individual life and your health.” – Dr. Christiane Northrup

“Today I will simply accept. I will relinquish the need to be in resistance to myself and my environment in any way. I will move forward in joy by accepting where I am right now.” – Melody Beattie

“A moment alone with my thoughts reveals the purest reflection of my mind. I am guided and supported by a clarity of vision of my true nature.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.” – Louise L. Hay

“A miracle that’s possible for anyone is possible for everyone.” – Gregg Braden

“I am a master of myself, and my middle name is moderation.” – John F. Demartini

“If I want to heal, it is essential for me to feel. I am safe in my heart, feeling relaxed.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“Today I will communicate clearly and directly in my conversations with others. I will strive to avoid manipulative, indirect, or guilt-producing statements. I can be tactful and gentle, or assertive if necessary. I do what is right in the moment.” – Melody Beattie

“I am transparent. What you see is what you get, and I love that about myself.” – Cheryl Richardson

“I now deserve love, romance, and joy-and all the good that Life has to offer me.” – Louise L. Hay

“I am clean, clear, and refreshed. I sparkle as I drink my life-giving water.” – John F. Demartini

“What would I do if I were not afraid? Right now, deep within me, resides a buried treasure.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“The door to my heart opens inward. I move through forgiveness to love.” – Louise L. Hay

“I discover the meaning and purpose of life in the process of overcoming difficulties with dignity, courage, and faith. I am on purpose.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“I trust myself to move when the energy moves me.” – Cheryl Richardson

“I am grateful to be alive today. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day.” – Louise L. Hay

“I do not really have “problems”; I only think I do by the way I interpret my circumstances. A “problem” is an illusion. It is a limiting perception without gratitude.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

“I am stretching beyond my limitations and breathing inspiration into my actions.” – John F. Demartini

“Affirm: I attract only peace into my life. I say this silently to myself as an absolute truth with unbending intent on my part, and it works for me all the time.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“I look forward to a healthy old age because I take loving care of my body now.” – Louise L. Hay

“I honor and protect my sensitivity.” – Cheryl Richardson

“I can see myself succeeding; it is done. Wow, what a feeling!” – John F. Demartini

“Every experience in my life has shaped me to be where I am at this very moment. I am exactly who I am supposed to be.” – Dr. Darren R. Weissman

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