How to Feel Better in Every Situation

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript and video were excerpted from their workshop in Houston, TX on January 23, 1994. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

Video Credit: Giovanni D’Angelo

Houston, TX Workshop Opening

A Good afternoon. We are extremely pleased that you are here. it is good to
come together for the purpose of co-creating, do you agree? You are knowing what
you are wanting? You are knowing what you are wanting? It does move about a
bit, doesn’t it? You are Creators, some of you are coming to understand that.

Our work is about helping you understand how it is that you are Creator, and
how you go about it deliberately. Because until you do it deliberately, you are not
fulfilling your reason for being here. Everyone is creating, because everyone is
thinking, therefore everyone is flowing Energy, therefore everyone is achieving
vibrational harmony with objects of attention. You can’t look at something and
comment on it, or even think about it, without achieving vibrational harmony with
it. and in the moment that you achieve vibrational harmony with something, you
are partners. You are like Beings.

And since Law of Attraction says, that which is like unto itself is drawn, then
often you are achieving vibrational harmony with things that you would never ever
choose deliberately, and yet by focusing upon them, by talking about them, by
complaining about them, by feeling around them, you achieve the harmony and
you get them anyway. And then you assume something’s wrong with the Universe.
And we say, everything is right with the Universe. It’s just sometimes you’re doing
things you don’t mean to do because very few of you have been taught about
flowing Energy.

Oh, you’re taught to watch your action, you’re taught to watch your mouth,
you’re encouraged to guard your behavior and to push it and pull it in deliberate
ways. But so often, what you are doing and what you are speaking is not in
harmony with what you’re flowing, and the Universe is responding to what you’re

So as we are here together today, it is our very powerful wanting to assist
you in discovering, relative to any topic that is important to you, how you’re
vibrating. It is our work to help you understand what is your current vibrational
mode of attraction. Where are you relative to the things that you want? And as we
chew here together, it is our absolute expectation that you will come to a very clear
understanding of this. We want you to relax and have fun with the molding of

How are you going to know how to mold Energy if you don’t practice a bit?
If you were a sculptor molding clay, you would not take your big clump of clay
and splat it down on the table the first time, and then complain, “Oh, it did not turn
out right.” You would expect to mold it. You would expect to push it and pull it.
And in time with enough willingness, enough practice, you could make that object
that you are molding in your hands look just like the one you are holding in your
mind. But it usually does not happen the first day.

You are not molding clay here, you are molding Energy. It’s not an action
process like molding clay, it’s a thinking process. You mold Energy by flowing
thought Energy. By giving thought to something.

Every subject is two subjects, not one. There is wellness and lack of it. You
call that illness. We wouldn’t give it a word if we were you. Interesting as we
watch you, you have a handful of words that describe Well-Being. Well-Being,
wellness, health, healthy. You have hundreds of thousands of journals written to
describe lack of it.

As action oriented Beings, you have come to believe that you will get to
where you want to be by pushing against what you don’t want. Well, you’re part
way right. In other words, you have come forth into this physical experience
because the contrast helps you, as a flow-er, more deliberately flow.

Think about it. If you are a Creator, and we promise you, you are, and if
what a Creator is, is one who flows Energy, then what could be better than an
environment where it is very clear what is not wanted? Because when it is very
clear what is not wanted, is it not equally clear what is wanted? Can you see how
this physical Universe helps you in the differentiation of those objects to which
you are deliberately wanting to flow Energy?

Once you get the hang of this, once you start realizing that all really is well,
once you are able to vibrationally connect with the core of your Being and step
back from this physical arena, and be able to see it broad enough, you begin to
recognize that there is much more evidence of Well-Being than lack of it. Just the
fact that your sun comes up every morning just like it is supposed to is of immense
value to you. In fact, only Well-Being is offered.

This Energy that created your planet to begin with, this Energy that now
sustains you, this Energy that keeps your Earth rotating in its orbit in perfect
proximity to other planets, this Energy that keeps the perfect water content and
oxygen in your atmosphere, this Pure Positive Energy is that. It is Pure Positive
Energy. It is Energy of Well-Being. And it floods forth, and all who are here upon
this Earth have access to it.

The rocks receive it fully. The plants receive it fully. The beasts receive it
fully. Man can, and often does, but man has, because he has been taught to push
against what he does not want, man often achieves vibrational harmony with what
he doesn’t want, and then what happens? What happens to you when you achieve
vibrational harmony with the lack of what you want? What you want can’t come to
you. You are vibrationally different.

So very often someone will be sick, or someone will get run over by a steam
roller, or someone will do one of those things that you think is so awful, like die,
which is really the ultimate wonderful thing because you instantly reemerge into
Pure Positive Energy. But we understand the way you look at it when you are
wanting to remain physical. And then the rest of you scamper around and assume
that things are going wrong, when all that has happened is that that person, for
whatever reason, has developed such a strong habit of vibrationally disallowing
Well-Being in this physical arena, that he has reemerged into the pure pot of Well-

We’re eager to talk with you about whatever it is you are wanting to chew
on. You are ready for us? Good. Begin wherever you are wanting. Don’t worry
about us; we will wedge our message in the crack.

– Abraham-Hicks – Houston, TX – 01/23/94