How to Do Automatic Writing

by Trevor Johnson

automatic-writing-3You may have seen automatic writing on a television show and become intrigued by the idea of writing out your subconscious thoughts without any intervention. It’s definitely a weird concept but, once you stop to think about it a while, it actually makes at least some sense. And anyway, there’s no harm in trying it out apart from confirming the thoughts of other people that you’re slightly “different” but you know that anyway!

Get yourself into a quiet place

Automatic writing needs time for you to get into the right mode.

So set aside some time for your automatic writing experiment where you won’t be disturbed. Turn your cell phone to silent. Put a “do not disturb” sign on your door if you’re used to people popping in to see you without notice.

Then sit down and take some deep breaths to slow yourself down. Maybe put on some relaxing music unless you’d find that distracting. Maybe put on a blindfold to help resist the temptation to cheat while you’re doing this. But obviously get everything ready before you cut out the outside world’s influences.

Choose your medium

Most television shows use a pen or a pencil plus paper to do automatic writing. Unless you’re a touch typist, that’s the way I’d suggest you do it as well.

Although it’s maybe more difficult to read your automatic handwriting than it is to read characters on a computer screen, it’s almost certainly better and I think you’re less likely to want to cheat this way.

If you’ve met your spirit guide, connect with them

We’ve all got a spirit guide helping us to get through our daily life. But not all of us have met them in our heads.

If you’ve not connected with your spirit guide. that’s fine – they’ll be there helping you anyway.

If you’ve connected before, take the time to connect again before you begin the proper automatic writing session. Ask them for assistance to make your project clear and helpful.

Relax your hands

Especially on your first few attempts at automatic writing, you’ll probably find a high urge to control your hands. After all, you want a result!

But the more you let your hands relax and the less you try to influence what you’re writing, the better the end result will be.

If you’re holding the pen or pencil as though your life depended on it, you won’t get as good an automatic writing result as if you’re holding it with a light touch – as though it was a fragile egg that would crack if you apply too much pressure.

Keep your expectations realistic

Especially the first few times you try automatic writing, you’ll probably be greeted with what looks like gibberish.

That’s fine – it’s the way most people start the process.

You certainly can’t expect to get copperplate handwriting when you do this process. It will be closer to a scrawl at the best of times.

But with practice – both at the automatic writing and the interpretation of it – you’ll get better results.


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