Law of Attraction – Appreciating More Money Into Your Life

by Isobel Phillips

The concept of the Law of Attraction is quite simple: Like Attracts Like or you get what you focus on. Most of us would say with all sincerity that we’re focused on getting more money, but it doesn’t happen! However, the teachers of the Law of Attraction would respond that we’re not focused on getting money, we’re focused on the lack of it. This article will give you one very powerful way to keep a positive focus around the topic of money.

Appreciation is the most powerful of all the methods of positive attraction. It immediately puts you into the right mindset to attract more things to appreciate, which is exactly what you want to do.

The most effective way to bring more appreciation into your life is to keep an Appreciation Journal and make a point of using it once or twice a day.

At the end of each day, think through the day and look for things to appreciate; it could be something as simple as a smile from a stranger or some help from a colleague at work. It doesn’t matter how small or seemingly-insignificant it was, savor it and let the Universe know you appreciated it. Even if you didn’t feel the day went very well, there were still parts of it that felt good or that you’d like more of in your life – the trick is to focus on those things and not on the events that you didn’t like.

Starting the day with appreciation is a very powerful way to focus the rest of the day in a positive fashion. Begin by appreciating your night’s sleep, your comfortable bed – even your alarm, which signifies that you have a job to go to or people who need you. Think about what the day is likely to bring you and see everything on your schedule as an opportunity for more appreciation.

The important thing is to get into the mindset that appreciation is a way of focusing positively and therefore a way of attracting more positive things into your life. It’s much easier to appreciate what you have than to think about what you don’t have and then try to feel positive.

Make sure your focus is really on what you have and not on the lack of it, for example “I have plenty of food in the house” and NOT “I don’t have enough for the electric bill”. Or more commonly: “I have plenty of food BUT I can’t pay my utilities”. In the first example it’s obvious that your thoughts are negative, but in the second example you may not be aware that you’re putting out a mixed vibration, even though you might feel that the first part of the sentence is positive. The effect of both is to keep you exactly where you are, with no money to pay your electric bill!

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