Law of Attraction – What a Cat Can Teach You

by Saskia Röell

Whenever I am impatient and doubt if the Law of Attraction really works, I look at my cat, Kiki. She is my daily reminder that the word ‘impatience’ doesn’t exist when you believe in divine timing.

For years I had waited to get a female kitten, believing that our five kids and five animals were more than enough. I even surprised myself the day I declared out loud, “It’s time to get another cat!” My kids were ecstatic.

After expressing my wish out loud, I opened my laptop to check my email. My mouth dropped open as I read an email from my friend Judy with the subject line: Baby kitten for you.

The Universe and Kiki’s destiny must have been aligned. The timing of Judy’s email was nothing short of divine. She asked if I wanted a female kitten to pick up in a few weeks.

Shortly after, we brought Kiki home. Our dream for her from the start was to have babies. The problem was that in the nine years we’d lived in our neighborhood, we’d never seen, smelled, or heard a male cat in the far distance.

“How would Kiki ever get pregnant?” my friend Anne asked.

I was worried. But it was clear that Kiki wasn’t worried about the ‘how’. When she went into heat one day, she knew the Universe would support her (and my) biggest dream. She was in tune with nature.

My worries disappeared that same night when we heard Tom (our name for the male cat). His husky voice sang a serenade to seduce Kiki to come outside and play. Suddenly, I felt like a protective mom. He had to wait, but I must admit his timing was divine.

When I opened the kitchen door the next morning, Tom was waiting patiently on the deck. He must have found the secret entrance to the deck and climbed the ladder to meet his bride.

With teary eyes, I let my little Kiki go. She looked approvingly at her well- groomed Angora friend. Tom was a man of few words. He turned around and Kiki followed him without hesitation. My son Gideon said, “He’s taking Kiki on a date!”

We called her several times that afternoon. After all, enough is enough. But Kiki didn’t come. She was gone. That night I was concerned how or if she’d find her way back home. She’d never been outside for that long. It snowed and stormed that night. I reminded myself to surrender and let nature runs its course.

Imagine for a moment… the next morning, her Persian lover dropped her off at our doorstep! He walked away with pride, and Kiki came inside. We bowed to Tom Cat. He was a true gentleman, and we couldn’t have picked a better date for Kiki. Their meeting was divinely timed and effortlessly in the flow.

So let me ask you…

Are you in tune with your nature? What is your dream?

It’s clear that, like Kiki, you’ll never have to worry about the ‘how’. You’ll just go with the flow and watch the magic happen.

The Universe supports your biggest dreams.

P.S. Needless to say, our dream has come true. Kiki is four weeks’ pregnant. And that’s how life works! Stay tuned…

Saskia Röell, of Your Soul Guidance International, is a bestselling author & co-author with Jack Canfield & Deepak Chopra. She’s also a sought-after Radio Show host, International Speaker, and Soul Empowerment Coach.

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