Learning a Thing or Two About the Law of Attraction Through Animals

by Beth and Lee McCain

Have you ever noticed that animals live in the moment? I have never seen an animal actually contemplate what his future is going to be. He goes along with every moment and acts accordingly. He doesn’t even question the Universe and lives his life to the fullest. No questions; just joy and understanding.

Animals have an inane ability to love unconditionally. They don’t hold it against you if you accidentally step on their tails. They may run for the moment but they come back loving you even more than before.

Have you ever seen a calf in the spring? They get so excited at just the thought of spring and being alive that they jump and run uncontrollably through joy.

They know that if their physical body is tired, to lie down and rest and to rejuvenate the body. When they play they forget about everything else. They play until they can hardly breathe. They enjoy every moment of the play and then collapse out of exhaustion but it is a wonderful exhaustion full of memories of the joy that they just created.

Have you seen a mother cat with her kittens? How no matter what they do or how many times they mew she licks them and loves them. She nurtures them no matter what they may be saying to her. Mother cat doesn’t have any agendas to expect her kittens to be what she wants them to be instead of what they may attain to.

How about a baby elephant with his family? Every elephant in the family helps to take care of the little guy. There are no complaints but actual joy in helping each other through life. They rule with their heart and know what to do with their little ones. They all nurture the little tyke and take him for walks while they give Mama a rest. When one is not feeling well, they all gather around and help the one that may have a hurt leg. They use their trunks to lift the one with the hurt leg to help him along. They clearly respect and love one another no matter what they look or feel like.

They always have an abundance of what they need around them. They don’t worry that it won’t be there, they don’t doubt that it won’t be there, they expect abundance and they will go find it with a love in their heart for the Universe knowing they will be taken care of.

You don’t see animals doing everything they can to extend life. They just “be.” They know they are in a physical life cycle and that one day they will be one with the Universe once again. No worries… just ‘being’.

Some say that humans are smarter than animals but do we really know? They give us signals to let us know what they may want when they have become domesticated but if we really spoke their language would they actually be more intelligent on a spiritual level?

We may speak different languages but they seem to have it right about living life and using the Law of Attraction. They may not know they use it but they do and you can see examples all through their life cycles. I think we could learn a thing or two about how to live life from our furry and wonderful animal friends.

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