Master the Art of Allowing

by David C Marshall

When you want to create an event in your life using the law of attraction you must master the skill of using ‘deliberate intent’, focusing on what you want, and the skill of ‘the art of allowing’, letting it actually come in physical manifestation. These two skills are really the basis for the law of attraction. If you can master the ability to create events within your mind and to encourage them to manifest you have mastered the attraction puzzle. But how do you do that?

When you want to create an event in your life people call it attraction, the idea that you magnetically bring an event into your experience but the real power comes when you understand that there is no event to ‘attract’. Now this may seem a little odd but the truth is the event that you are trying to attract must be formed within you first, within your own mind, within your emotions and imagination. In a sense you must live it first inwardly and then you must learn to allow it to form within your physical environment.

The secret to deliberate intent is this: do not try to attract anything, instead form it within yourself and encourage it to form in your life. It is quite a ‘mind trick’ but a very powerful one.

Once you have formed the event with you, you want it to become physical rather than simply a thought and so this is where the art of allowing comes in. The secret here is to know that once you have formed the event within your mind, and you must do this lightly, almost playfully, you then need to give enough energy to the process to ‘form’ it in physical time. The secret to the art of allowing is to give just ten minutes a day to the process. Sit for those minutes just focusing on what you want as if you have it now with the expectation of its formation in your life. Expectation is key! You must also add into the mix this phrase ” I allow myself to create this experience for myself and am in complete co-operation with all aspects of myself, my conscious and unconscious mind are in unison in creating and allowing this event” That last sentence is the key and the secret to the art of allowing because it brings in the conscious and unconscious mind into play.

The secret to the art of allowing is this: create expectation and co-operation with yourself by bringing together the conscious and unconscious aspects of your mind. If your unconscious mind does not ‘allow’ this event in your life, go back and explore your beliefs about what you are attempting to create.

Having explored and worked with these ideas for many years and taught them since 1997 I can tell you that very few are successful in creating the life they want with the law of attraction and that is because they have not been skilled enough in deliberate intent, the art of allowing or both. These two skills encompass the conscious creator ability to choose the future. I would encourage you to take time to explore and practice these ideas because without them you will struggle but with them you have the power to create the most wonderful life you could imagine.


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